VIRtuTek-X- Our Process

Our Mission to Change Online Shopping

The Launch of

The products of the brand are tailored to fit every individual. They are highly technical, functional, and presented in a variety of sizes and colors. Since many of the initial designs are created virtually with 3D design software, the development cycle becomes much easier as the initial product was already pre-seen on 3D. This concept opened great opportunities to build innovative projects of any kind and use them for made-to-measure and for building a brand in fashion or for example building a costume in the movie industry and other services.

The initial idea to create yourself on 3D before you receive the real garment is the concept that Virtutek-X would like to deliver. We would like to educate our consumers that buying less, and good quality is helping you save money as you get an understanding that you buy only what you need. The rest money you can invest in other important projects, or you even donate to the poor for a good cause. Global warming has become a present and natural disasters are breathtaking. We are here to make a difference by creating something for you and helping you buy the right garment with the one-on-one service, we provide you.

How the VIRtuTek-X process works

The various 3D software is supported with a variety of parametric avatars in different bodies and sizes and shapes. Cloth Simulations that are performed allow you to visualize the 3d look on one side and pattern shapes and measures on another side. The true fit of patterns is created, printed, and put together by the sewer.

All our outerwear garment is built by the vendor in Nepal and Yoga Streat wear is designed in China, the other designs on the go will be manufactured locally by the factories in town. Since I am a developer, the patterns and samples can be built very quickly.

Getting Started at VIRtuTek-X

1. We brainstorm ideas for the design.
2. Use reference sample copy silhouettes and digitize base block into the computer software
3. Create a new design and work side by side on 3D until the design is approved
4. Prepare a 2D pattern with a sample marker and plot in real scale
5. Make 1 st proto sample, cut and sew the garment
6. Perform a fitting on a live model
7. Adjust and prepare 2nd run of the sample if needed
8. Grade pattern for specific sizes XS to 3XL or 0 -16
9. Prepare digital patterns and export them by size to the vendors to prepare size run
10. The size specs are reconfigured for the consumer to determine which size she/ he belongs
11. Individual photoshoots of live models will be performed to see.
12. Products had been manufactured and shipped to Virtute-X
Sales Process is performed one by one on Zoom by Microsoft Teams conference meet
13. When meeting with personal clients the proper body measurements had taken and from them,
we build an algorithm on how to prepare the pattern
14. After determining the size and color sample will be produced within 4-6 weeks. If a product is in
stock, it can be delivered immediately
15. 3D virtual photos of yourself or videos we will provide you at extra cost if you wish to see
yourself in the metaverse
16. Full webinars and zoom demos will be organized to promote our brand
17. We are planning to build a community for with other brands


1. Prototype development le development for brand use, such as new designs as per clients’ requests that include 3D with 2D
2. Project service to develop for the movie industry to create clothing for actors on 3D before it gets sewn to prod
3. Size chart creating and grading for brands
4. Consultation services to improve the processing speed
5 Patternmaking
6. Marker making
7. 3D development of design just before it is sent to sample making
8. Virtual You Service with photos and video presentation of the brand