Creating Customized Clothing Products


At VIRtuTek-X, we strive to … :

  • Create customized products to fit every body every size.
  • Promote 3D Technology and Innovation for the Apparel Industry.
  • Implement Online Virtual Trial Rooms to discuss with clients their preferable fit.
  • Reduce unused clothing which is often thrown in landfills.
  • Offer Excellent Customer Service to those who need it.
  • Support local businesses and businesses in third world countries by using their services.
VIRtuTek-X Our Mission
VIRtuTek-X How We Do It


This is the process of making high quality apparel:

  1. Brainstorm ideas for potential designs and appearance
  2. Establish materials and sizes, and apply them to the final prototype
  3. Create 2D articulated patterns that get simulated on a 3D avatar for reference
  4. Send digitial files to the expert craftsperson to assemble the garment
  5. Final fitting and adjustments are performed
  6. Production is carried out, ready for shipping to consumers


Darja Zlindra is a passionate patternmaker that has been practicing this profession for over 20 years for a wide variety of leading brands. Recently, she has been inspired by 3D technology and software to visualize her ideas and designs before it is even constructed. She explored different software such as CLO 3D, Optitex, DAZ, etc. to view what she can truly achieve. Now, she intends to use the skills that she possesses to offer distinguished, innovated garments for the world to see. She hopes for other brands to follow, and observe where this will take us.

About Me

Darja Zlindra is a highly experienced Garment prototype developer that builds garments to fit real individuals. Over 20 years, she helped new brands develop products with the full set of fashion collections and technical proto development from early-stage samples to full production.

Darja Zlindra